We offer everything from intros, film on location, to video editing. Have a look to see what best fits your needs.
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Photoshop - $52

Flyers, Graphics, Photo Enhancement, etc.

Intros - $125

Intros and Outros are used as brief openings and closings for your content. Typically they have your logo, animated in a clever way, to promote your logo in a slick and polished manner.

Promos - $550

We will make a 1 min video promo for your business.

we can film and interview you, as well as any footage of your product/establishment (Provided you are within a 3 hour drive of central Connecticut, USA) 

If you are outside of this range, we are happy to use a mix of stock footage (or footage provided) and audio of a script to promote your business instead.

Music Videos - $725

For your music video we can use either motion graphics and animations, or we can film the footage of your group on location, provided you are within New England. We can use footage you've already filmed and edit that as well.


Album Artwork - $272


We offer Digital painting as well as 3D renderings

of your customized artwork for your album.

VJ Loops - $75 (Per Clip)

Loops can be used to be displayed during mixes, guided meditations, etc. Create some visual interest for your audio with our customized loops.